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This business unit belongs to Global Digital Cooperative (GDC) and is underpinned by a cooperative structure where the company belongs to its members.

Each division of GDC represents an evolution in its respective specialty, with a view to driving equal opportunities that develop the potential of all our members by encouraging their progress.

What is a cooperative?

A cooperative is an association owned by its members who use its services. They are jointly owned and run democratically by and for their members, so that they can meet their common socio-economic needs and aspirations.

Cooperatives serve their members, enable people to collectively realize their economic aspirations, while strengthening their social and human capital and developing their communities.

Global Digital Cooperative

GDC is an organization that belongs to its members, who at the same time are consumers who use the services that GDC offers.

We are a digital cooperative created to develop anywhere in the world, grouping participants and expanding the horizon of possibilities, constantly generating new opportunities for all our members.

Our first business divisions had a 12 consecutive year period of extraordinary success, which in turn represents a combined experience of more than 30 years in the market, now brought together in GDC.


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We present a mixed corporate architecture where the institutional and public are complemented with the private business, thus forming a strong synergy between all participants.

The name GDC is self-explanatory: We are global, we are digital and we are legally constituted under the cooperative concept.

We invite you to learn more about GDC by visiting the Global Digital Cooperative site.